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Industry leading Tornado Shelter features on America's leading Storm Shelter!

Industry Leading Innovations

The Granger ISS offers a number of industry leading features that help ensure your families near absolute protection during a storm or tornado.

Offering double wall, foam filled construction, multi-layer composite door, articulating handrails, durable poly construction that will last 1,000+ years, molded in seating and many other industry leading features are only offered by the Granger ISS Storm Shelter.

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Installed Storm Shelter by a lake

Double Wall, Foam Filled Poly Construction

Allows the Granger ISS Storm Shelter to be installed virtually anywhere

Interior of Storm Shleter

Safe, Tranquil Interior

Meets and exceeds FEMA 320/ICC specifications for 6 adults

Storm Shelter Door Open

Multi-layer Composite Door

meets or exceeds both FEMA 320 and FEMA 361debris impact standards

Beautiful Storm Shelter Install


minimal exposure to keep your yard beautiful and your family safe

What makes the Granger ISS different from other storm shelters?

There are many different shelters available as anyone who has looked into purchasing one probably already knows. But, not all shelters are created equally and understanding some of the differences between units can help you make sound investment. The Granger ISS is a rotationally molded in-ground tornado shelter with several distinct advantages.

Material – The Granger ISS is rotationally molded polyethylene. Polyethylene is one of the most durable materials on the planet. Polyethylene has a half-life of 10,000 years which means it takes at least that long to begin to deteriorate. It is impervious to the elements, and able to withstand temperature changes without the worry of cracking, safe, non-toxic and practically maintenance free.

Construction – The Granger ISS is a double wall part meaning there is a ½ inch wall on the inside and a ½ inch wall on the outside. These two walls are filled with a non VOC foam which adds strength, rigidity and aids in condensation control. Design – The shape of the Granger ISS is a reverse taper which means it is wider on the bottom than it is on the top. This allows for easier installation without anchoring.

No Additional Anchoring Needed – The Granger ISS does not need an additional anchoring system due to the reverse taper design. This allows for much faster, easier and less expensive installation. The Granger ISS can be installed in 4 hours or less in a typical installation. The Granger ISS is also GUARANTEED not to float.

Other unique features include: molded in seating for 6 or more, articulating hand rails for added safety, quick three step entry, custom color doors, double gas assisted shock providing easier entry and exit from the unit, LED lighting system.

Warranty - Each Granger ISS also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, leaking, rotting, rusting or any type of material deterioration. The door is covered by a separate warranty that if damaged in a tornado Granger Plastics will make sure it is replaced at no cost to the homeowner.

If you want a shelter that is durable, long lasting, easy to install, practically maintenance free, comes with a ton of safety features and a lifetime warranty the Granger ISS is exactly what you need.

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